Artwork Submission

ViZual Express can assist you with creating your logo, design or branding. Feel free to contact us to discuss this.
If you already have a logo or design that please you, it can be sent to us to reproduce on products you desire.

Some art is available to assist in your design, typically all our work is custom or working with your existing logo.

Some vector clipart elements are available to assist you on line (Shutterstock is a good source)

Vizual Express utilizes a variety of PC based softwares. Our primary software used is Flexisign. Often we can work with  Adobe Illustrator CS3 & Photoshop CS3, ArtCam, Wilcom &  Microsoft Office files also.

We do not accept files from Quark, Publisher, Word Perfect or economical personal publishing/click art type programs.

ViZual Express
can accept your camera-ready artwork via the following media:

Email :
CD-Rom, CD-R, DVD or most memory sticks
ViZual Express artwork requirements(non-digital) :

All artwork must be vector files .AI or .EPS or .PDF or .CDR or .DWG(created or saved in a program such as Adobe Illustrator CS3 or lower or Corel 10 or lower or Autocad).
All text must be converted to outlines or paths.

In the event text can not be converted the entire true type font file must be provided in addition to the art files.
Camera-ready artwork is required for digitizing images or logos. A one-time set up fee may be required for artwork conversions & tracing will be assessed to clean-up images/logos at a rate of $40 per hour. Estimates can be obtained once the image is received.
Provide hard copy layout with color break or fax to 740-223-0801 or email  (.jpg, .psd, .tif, .pdf) for proofing/quoting.
Colors shown on the website and in color proofs or emails are approximate. Actual colors may vary. Please include a pantone (PMS) color for matching.
ViZual Express is not responsible for copyright infringed material sent to us. It is assumed that the customer ordering the signs/decals, screen print or embroidery is either the owner or has permission to use any copyrighted material. It is beyond the scope of ViZual Express to authenticate such ownership.

Digital Printing requires:

A provided hard copy layout with color break.
Link to or provide photos and artwork
Include fonts, or convert existing text to outlines or paths

Color Mode: color mode of all artwork must be CMYK and not RGB. CMYK gives more predictable results than RGB.  PMS(Pantone) colors can be provided for more accurate matches. Differences in processes will yield different results. We will get as close as we can, but can not guarantee 100% perfect matches. Spot colors require a PMS match be provided. 

Any RGB conversions to CMYK for printing will be done via the Pantone Color Bridge Color Chart. Difference can be extreme.
As a general rule of thumb, do not use Pantone colors. Convert all Pantones to CMYK to get the results you expect. Please click the purple link for the
Covert Pantone Color .

Transparencies within artwork will be reproduced as provided, but not guaranteed for accuracy.


Preferred creation software Any Adobe Illustrator (CS3 or lower) and Photoshop (CS3 or lower) file format (.pdf, .eps, .ai, .psd)
  eps and ai are best with a jpg proof for colors.
(SVG is not a preffered format)

Whenever possible, create art in a vector type software versus rasterized images. This allows color matching capability and no additional image degregation.

Rasterized Images

All images/artwork must be 300 dpi or greater.
Images must be 300 dpi (dots per inch) when viewed at         100% (converting a lower resolution file to 300 dpi will NOT improve the image!!!).  This only pixellates the image more by adding artifical pixels to fill out the image.
Enlarging an image will typically reduce resolution proportionally. Min resolution for reasonable digital reproduction is 150 dpi at 100% full size. 
Please note that standard web/internet images are only 72 dpi and are not of a high enough quality for printing. The use of such images may also be a breach of copyright. 

We can not guarantee any color matching in flattened files.

We accept rasterized computer artwork in the following forms, but please note that approximately 75% of all signwork requires vectorized artwork in order for our designers to complete various production processes.

We can scan images/pictures, but again it is certainly not preferred. Each generation reproduction is reduced, color interpretations may vary and extra clean up may be required.

Additional charges may be required to convert rasterized to vertorized artwork.

Any additonal charges will be discussed and approved by client before work begins

Acceptable rasterized file types: .tif, .bmp, .jpg, and .psd  (png is not preferred) 

We cannot accept artwork that has been printed by Deskjet or Lazerjet type printers as clean/ready to use artwork.

If you have any questions, please call us at 740-223-0800
to speak with a member of our knowledgeable staff.


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